Monday, November 9, 2009

On the Subject of Walls

I had posted something else earlier, but decided on my ride home from work to change today's posting. I was listening to National Public Radio news which was full of the Fall of the Berlin Wall Anniversary.

This wall, near the top of Argentine Pass, taken in the early summer of 2008, during our first visit. We couldn't quite get the Wrangler over the last rock step to the top.

Walls can be good or bad depending on their intent. But since today is all about walls...... I hope you enjoy my, harmless, historic walls from Colorado's mining era.

Here below Argentine Pass in the remnants of the Town of Waldorf, the same wall in B&W and Color.


  1. I "stole" the colour picture to try some b&w filters, reddish gave more contrast, but the coloured one remains the better (said this stricktly b&w fan XD )

  2. The colors are interesting, that's why I paused to take some color shots as well. The advantage of having the changeable camera back on the Mamiya 645.

    The colors are caused by hydrothermal alteration which produced the ore deposit (silver) in the first place....OOOPS the geologist in me is coming out!

  3. Thanks for the visit to my blog, and I've also picked up a link to Analoog 60 through yours.
    I normally find b&w shots beat colour for stonework, but I make an exception with this one, the stones are unusual in their colouring.