Saturday, June 23, 2018

More Reflected UV with the Orchids.....

Genus Cattleya proved to be interesting, but my exposures were way off.  Basically the natural or lamp light exposure does not directly correlate with the UV exposure.  So we'll have to experiment with that.  We'll view the final set of results over the next few days:

Friday, June 22, 2018

Catch-up Part 4 #filmjune

16.  Have you experimented with any new formats?  Yes, I'm in the middle of testing 6X9 in my Mercury universal Camera:

17. Share a picture of your favorite camera (and yourself if you dare)?  Not a Problem:

18. What is the largest Format you have used?  I've experimented with 4X5 pinhole paper negatives.  I have an Ilford 4X5 Obscura Pinhole that I plan on experimenting with soon.....

19. What is the most creative process that you have done with film?  My Uelsmann Assignment at MPC:

20. My top three social media photography accounts followed all via Twitter:
Here are my top three photography accounts: @EMULSIVEfilm @HamishGill (35 mmc) and @Phoblographer   I'm also going to add a shout out to three photographers I communicate most often with: @donkittle @Givemeabiscuit and @cpindell1

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Reflected UV Experiments at the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate

We'd seen a lot online regarding Reflected UV photography of flowers.  Supposed;y it recreates what some pollinators see.  I had the opportunity to visit the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate, owned by a friend of mine.  Well, OK I was visiting her, and took the opportunity to try reflected UV photography with the Orchids.  So here goes, the Phalaenopsis variety showed the best result:

Above the lamp lit yellow color; Below in reflected UV light.

I need to work a bit on the exposure.  Only about half of the images turned out well, many over exposed in UV.  Interesting..........We'll look at some more results as the week rolls on.