Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Pinhole Time Testing with Portra 160: Part II

Back with the Zero Image Pinhole, and a time test without a sky view.  As we say in the previous post, a sky view will wash out if you use the longest exposure.  Bu here, without the sky, there is almost no perceptible difference in the results at a very wide range of exposures.

Exposed 5 Seconds:

Exposed 10 Seconds:

Exposed 15 Seconds:

Exposed 30 Seconds:

Of course, I will mostly be shooting landscape images with a sky view, so I'll be exposing at 5 & 10 seconds for Pinhole Day.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Pinhole Time Testing with Portra 160: Part I

I'm getting ready for Worldwide Pinhole Day by performing real time tests.  When I shoot B&W I just guess at exposures and bracket.  This time I wanted to try Color Film and decided to go into the field prepared to expose the film properly.

I also wanted to use the Zero Image Pinhole instead of my usual Holga Pinhole. I hadn't shot much with that camera the Zero Image, so here we go.

I looked up the Portra 160 Reciprocity Curves, but even at f/235, I found that I didn't need as much exposure as the curves predicted.

Exposed 5 Seconds:

Exposed 10 Seconds:

15-30 seconds was recommended by the curves, but with a bright sun just out of view, 5-10 seconds worked better.  notice below how the blue sky in the upper right washes out as exposure increases.

Exposed 15 Seconds:

Exposed 30 Seconds:

However, with the sky not in the view, the exposure time differences are not noticeable at all.  We'll look at that in my next posting.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Denver March For Science: I Marched, Did You?

Today someone at the March for Science asked to photograph my camera.  He said he aspired to move from digital to to medium format film!

More from the March For Science once my Film is developed!

52 Rolls Week #14

52 Rolls Week #14 includes many of the SFX-200 Experiments.

Trying for some silky water effects.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

SFX-200 Panorama Experiment

Panorama Photomerge of the Indian Peaks and Longs Peak:

And the constituent parts below:

I could decrease the contrast a bit to brighten the images.  But I wanted to show them 'as is'.