Sunday, October 21, 2018

52 Rolls Redux: Week 15 2017

Our Sunday Redux........Time test from last year in preparation for Pinhole Day:


I've been doing lot's of film and exposure testing these past two weeks in preparation for a photography workshop and Pinhole Day, not much to report.  So I'm posting a final image of my Garden, which managed to survive the early threats of bad weather.  it is snowing now, but my Tulips and Daffodils are long gone, so that's OK.  See more of the Garden in my Portra 160 Pinhole time tests, in preparation for Worldwide Pinhole Day (coming April 30th).

I also tried some long exposures with Ilford Pan F Plus (ISO 50).  But not enough wind and exposures too short.  I have another roll and I'll try again on a very windy day.

Color Info: Portra 160 and Fuji GA645Zi camera.

Developed and scanned by our friends at Old School Photo Lab.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

52 Rolls Redux: Let's Mix It Up!

I've posted three in a row in chronological let's mix it up!


Late this week because I've just returned from a wonderfully insightful B&W Photography "boot camp".  Unlearned old bad habits and learned a few new things.  But that's neither here not there........You'll see those images, maybe next week.......
Today we visit My friend's sort of 'hole in the wall' darkroom.  For rent in Boulder, Colorado, although he said he may have to close down soon, so this may be a fond farewell....

located in an old warehouse that is now an 'artists colony' on the far north end of town.  Above, the front door.  Below, we have to play with the Holga Flash to photograph the interior:

Up the stairs and right to the entrance:

And remember, "Don't Let Out The Dark!"

The sign says:
"Darkroom, Keep Door Closed.  If it is left open, All the Dark Leaks Out!"

Above, looking down the hallway to other artsy spaces hidden behind closed door.  And Below, we go back down the stairs to exit.  

Tech Info:  Holga 120S,  Kodak T-Max 400, Holga 235B Flash. Developed and scanned by our friends at Old School Photo Labs.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

52 Rolls Redux: Making up for Delayed Delivery

For the Project, I had my film developed by Old School Labs for faster turn around.  When I rush my home developing I always end up ruining my film.  So this was the best option for a fast paced project. 

Read On.........

My intended Week 3 roll vanished into the abyss of the U.S. Post Service.  Never fear, I have tracked it down and will have it in time to post for Week #4.  So to fill the gap I was forced to actually shoot and process a roll myself last week.
Starting with images from near my home:

Who said your images have to be Horizontal? Winter Sun @ Lake Waneka.

The Boat House @ Lake Waneka.  Actually an old reservoir built for a Power Plant that used to be located on the site a century ago.  Now water storage for my hometown Lafayette, Colorado.

Now let's venture to Downtown Denver.  The Capital of Colorado about 40 miles from my home.  We'll see more of Denver in weeks to come.

State Capitol Building from the City Hall Steps.  The Dome was recently restores, and yes that is Gold Leaf, representing Colorado's mining history.

Reflections of the Capitol Dome in the Nativity Scene @ City Hall (left) and Santa's Elves (right).  I had thought that Nativity Scenes were no longer allowed on public property.  But In Denver the rules are obviously different.  Images of the City Hall are on the roll I am waiting for.  So you'll see those later (and many more times in weekly rolls to come).  There are a lot of events in Denver during the Summer Months and we often go there to do Street Photography.

Final Image from Downtown:  Sculpture outside the City Geographical Information and Survey Office.

Tech Info: Holga 120S, Kodak T-Max 400 Film, 8 minutes developing time in Ilford Ilfotec DD-X, Orange Holga Contrast Filter.

I'll be experimenting with my Holga Contrast Filters and Special Effects Filters throughout the project.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

52 Rolls Redux: Preparing for Winter

We take a look back at January 2016 as we prepare for the coming winter.  Continuing with the Holga Theme that started my 52 Rolls Journey.........

Our First walk along Coal Creek Open Space in Boulder County, Colorado:

Camera: Holga 120S, Film: T-MAX 400

My Strategy for the project is to use a variety of film types, although I usually shoot ISO 400 film in my Holgas.  I am also, in general shooting two exposures of each scene, so most of the time I will only have 6 discrete images to post.  Also, I've decided to cheat a little bit and shoot two cameras the 120S and 120N, and overlap my rolls by 3-4 days to get a bit ahead and make up for times when I may not be able to complete one roll in a week.  And one last disclaimer when I don't have time to develop the film, I'm sending B&W to Ilford Labs USA and always sending Color Film to Old School Photo Labs.

Friday, September 28, 2018