Friday, January 20, 2017

Back in the Saddle Again for 2017!

This year will start of with equipment and film tests. and more links to posts in the 52 rolls 2017 Project.

Today a little of both.  We retest a camera and start our new 52 rolls saga.  Looking back in Week 49 I tested a Canonet QL-17 that we had purchased online from Goodwill.  What the heck for ~$30 if the camera doesn't work it's really no great loss.

No lines or scratches evident.  To view the complete 52 Rolls, post Click Here.

Coming up next, another 'new' old camera joins the family.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Best of 52 Rolls 2016

A flash from the past:  Spring breaks out in 2016

And My 52 Rolls 2017 Goals.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

More than a 'Make My Day' Moment!

Oh Yeah, Kodak you have made my YEAR! Even though I have to wait until late Fall 2017, my favorite film makes a comeback in 35 mm format:

Lately I've been 90% medium format.  But I have Minolta X-700 and XD-11 cameras that need some love.  So I'll be using them more once this film rolls out......

And now a Kodak E100GX Blast from the Past Favorite from our trip to Patagonia:

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Photography Goals for 2017

Last year I did a complete rewind of 2015, because I hadn't really fufillled those goals.......
  1. Spending More Time in the Darkroom
  2. Finally learning how to make good digital negatives (got a book for Christmas)
  3. Building a LED-UV light box for Alternative processes
  4. Solargram in the Front yard (Missed the Winter Solstice, but I'll try for the Spring Equinox)
None of these goals really happened (again).  Although I did try the solargrams, but the pinholes really need to be attached to the second story of the house to get a good sun angle.  And I did get  a bit of a jumpstart with the Montana Printing Workshop.  I realized that Print technique is really a major part of my artistic style and I need to get focussed on that again.  And I'm not rolling them over for 2017. Instead.........

What DID work for me was The 52 Rolls 2016 Project posted on EMULSIVE was a great success!  Got me out shooting almost every week.  And I'm ending the year only a week behind.  So I'm trying this again.  Last year I started out with Holga postings and made it through 6 months before I burned out and had to move on to other cameras.  This year I'll pursue a more balanced approach that includes some printing........and I'm going to mix it up with the cameras used for the project; Probably focussing on a camera for a month or two and moving on.

So my Photography Goals for 2017 are simple:
  1. 52 Rolls Project 2017 (always stick with something that works)
  2. More Darkroom Time ( I'm committing to 1 print per month; 12 prints this year.  I think putting a real number on it will help to make it happen)
  3. Moab Photo Symposium (This Year focussing on B&W)
  4. Photographing the August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse in Western Nebraska

Friday, December 30, 2016

Getting Ready for the Eclipse?

An Early Reminder.  We'll revisit this in Late July.  But if You haven't made arrangements yet for the August 21st Eclipse, it may be hard to find a hotel room.  We're going to Nebraska.  Check the track here and make your plans.