Sunday, November 1, 2009

Faith On Film: All Saint's Day

In honor of All Saints Day, Dia de Los Muertos, Day of the Dead, or what ever you call it in your culture, scenes from of my Cemetery Series.

I'm slowly making my way through tons of my old works. I found some Pre-Katrina New Orleans photos from All Saint's Day, when there are tours of the historic cemeteries. One of Donald's friend loved cemeteries, so we all went together.........

The Catholic Church was actually recording the All Saint's Day Cemetery Service; notice the sound man holding the boom.

Traditionally, in New Orleans you were entitled to your space for a year and a day. After that your remains were pushed to the back of the crypt and into a pit. Nowadays you still only have a space for a year and a day. But I'm not sure where the bodies are sent now......

This is a typical family crypt interior.

Typical modern crypts are built into walls. But families still maintain their individual plots.

A modern family crypt: Boissiere

Final resting place of a wealthier 'resident'.

The unfortunate need for a Police presence. because New Orleans was never a safe place, even Pre-Katrina.

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  1. Always nice (more or less) to visit a cemetery, Paris, Florence, Haps. Makes you think about life. And, in our neighbourhood, all these endless war-cemeteries...