Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More from St Louis #2

More from our All Saint's Day tour....and a younger, thinner me. Although the hairstyle is making a return this Christmas.

Also, a younger, thinner Donald. with his favorite Lodge symbol of the Woodsmen.

And below, the pocket 35mm Kodak camera that took these and last Sunday's pix. I never felt safe wandering around New Orleans with a 'nice' camera. In a town where people could be killed for $10, looking too much like a tourist in non-touristy areas was a bad idea. So I bought this camera just for New Orleans.

This camera is a likely descendant of the old Kodak 35mm reviewed recently by The Photophile


  1. I am shy.....so is my husband. I've never really known what to do with my very long arms when being photographed. I'm trying to take some hints from Michelle Obama......She has long arms too.

  2. You look both very friendly, so there's nothing wrong with the inner beauty. I didn't notice your arms (and I am a piano-player!)