Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Celebrating New Blogger Friends and Followers!

We reached the milestone of 25 followers and added a few more Blogger Friends since our last update.

Thanks to all my new photo friends!

Cyanotype contact print. The Original is 8X10 made from a Lith Film negative and lots of sunlight.

Mono Lake, Eastern Sierra, California.


  1. It was very cold....and I think the blue of the Cyanotype makes it feel colder.

    January at almost 2000 meters elevation. The East side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains is much colder than the west side (the Pacific Ocean keeps the west side warmer).

  2. Never really visited Mono Lake but when we lived in California ('88-'89) we visited Bodie three times, absolutely loved the old silver town and the overnight stay in Lee Vining.

  3. If you were in Lee Vining you were on the banks of Mono Lake. There is a Visitor's Center, but I'm not sure it was there in '88-89. It was built by the Forest Service and seemed rather new.

    I didn't get to spend as much time in Bodie as I would have,liked........