Monday, August 10, 2009

The Only Silver Print.......

So here 'we' are at last Friday's Show Opening. Me and Weston Beach. I was informed that my photo was the ONLY Silver Gelatin Print in the show. When the assistant director heard that there was 'one' she immediately knew that it was mine. Hmmm....... There used to be more of us. Last year at least a dozen or so. What has happened?

No the others haven't stopped working in film, they have just stopped active participation in this organization. I've met a few at other venues and they have simply fallen away. Of course it is hard to work with a group that allows instructors to ban film cameras from some of the workshops. For example, I wanted to take the architectural photo workshop, but can't, because it is digital only. Now when I visit George Lepp's website I'm expecting it to be digital only, but my community arts program should be a little more open. My membership is due for renewal, and I'll give them one more year, but after that?????

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