Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fisheye Drama!

We’ve all seen the dramatic effects created with fisheye lenses. I have one for my Minolta cameras, and my Lomo, but do I really need a fisheye for my medium format Mamiyas? Probably not!

About five years ago I found a reasonably priced fisheye option, the Zenitar, a Russian made lens. First I was skeptical that the lens would actually arrive in one piece. I had paid through PayPal, but the lens had to be shipped from Ukraine. It arrived fine, and works well. But although I had always wanted a fisheye, I’ve used it less than a dozen times. It is really a novelty item. But I didn’t pay exorbitantly for it, and it is there when I feel like going a little crazy. The results are far superior to any Plastic Camera, but if you just want to take a spin around the fisheye, try the Lomo.

Camera: Minolta X-700
Lens: Zenitar f/2.8 16mm
Film: Ilford ISO 400
Paper: Ilford with Sepia Toning


  1. That is a nice effect of the fisheye lenses.

  2. Hi K,

    I have always wanted to experiment with a fisheye. That picture is interesting indeed.

    Tell Don that he could use it to look at the proposed Health Care Reform Bill. It will give him a glimpse of big government [hee hee]

    We are off to Nova Scotia tomorrow. Have to bring tripod along...FOGscapes