Friday, August 7, 2009

Now Showing at the FLASH Gallery

I am a member of a community based photographic arts organization called Working With Artists, in Lakewood, Colorado. Tonight is Opening Night for their Annual Member's Show which I am participating in. My offering for the Show, an abstract macro landscape taken at Weston Beach, California:

Camera: Minolta SRT-202
Film: Ilford Iso 400
Lens: Rokunar 50mm f/2.8 Macro

To see the rest of the Series Photos visit 'On Weston Beach' in my Website Photo Archives.


  1. I attended the show opening on Friday and found out that I was the only one to submit a silver gelatin print. When the director was told there was only one traditional print in the show, she knew that it was mine. Now I feel challenged to keep this going. There will be another open members show for Christmas. I'll have to make sure that I have another print framed and ready!

  2. This is a very nice picture! Love it!

    Also glad to have discovered your blog, and a kindred (after a fashion) spirit... I strive to be an artist, but I'm hindered by my lack of actual talent. I have an artistic soul though, whatever that might mean. Anyway, good to see stuff by a real artist!

  3. Happy to have another follower for my blog. An artistic soul comes through somewhere in your life or work. I've had really great instructors in California, and i made huge leaps in technique when switched to B&W. It forces you th think more. I miss the arts community there, so I started Blogging to create my own community.

    By the way I was in South Africa in 1998. I have hundreds of slides which I still need to sort through so I can post them on my website.

  4. Look forward to seeing those photos!

    I have been thinking of doing more b&w for some time now, but it is very hard to come by in South Africa. No one stocks it anymore. And when you do get it they charge a fortune to develop.

    What do you think of Ilford XP2, the C41 process one? It's not so pricey to develop, but is it any good?

  5. For today's post the flower was processed by a lab, but I usually do my own B&W processing. Lately I've been scanning the negative as my contact sheet

    My photo from the Argus Brick posted last month were Kodak C-41 B&W. I have used Ilford also. The contrast of the C-41 films is a bit different to deal with IF you are printing it yourself at home, because it is actually made to be printed on Color Print paper and you have to work with your B&W paper to get the right contrast balance.

    If the Lab prints the C-41 film I think it looks better. But if you look at the Argus pix, you will see that it is a bit bluish because it is printed on color paper.