Sunday, August 23, 2009

Faith on Film: Mission San Juan Capistrano

Yes the one famous for Swallows (and the movie Vertigo), no the swallows were not there when we visited. But it is close to San Diego and so we went during one of our visits to the in-laws. The main church was closed for a special event, but this lovely sunlit Chapel was a quiet space reserved for the faithful for daily prayer. The remaining scenes are from the courtyard and environs. I’ll have a separate posting later for B&W.

Film: Kodak E100GX
Camera: Mamiya 645 Pro TL
Lenses: f/2.8 45mm wide angle and f/4.0 80mm with macro
Always with a Tripod!

Mission Motto:
'The Truth Shall Set You Free"

Chapel Gate

Mission Courtyard

Courtyard Flowers


  1. Great post this one, nice details on the Chapel.

  2. I really love churches, and have photographed several myself, here in South Africa, and in Malawi. I love the warmth that you got in the indoor photo, and of course that it has people at worship inside. Nothing sadder than an empty church.

  3. Very nice pictures. I enjoyed them.

  4. Churches are my favorite genre of Architecture. I guess I was forever influenced by my Art History class in high school. I really went 'crazy' when I lived in England for six months, visiting as many cathedrals as I could. I started this series to force me to go back through those archives and do something with it. But of course, I'm starting with my most recent work.

    Fortunately the main Mission Church was closed, so I had to pay more attention to the rest of the Mission.