Friday, August 21, 2009

About My New Blogger Friends

I've reorganized my table of contents a bit. I wanted to recognize the Blogggers with whom I have a regular commentary correspondence. I follow too many Blogs (32 at the moment) to want them all listed here, and my interest in them all isn't equal. I will be gradually adding to this list of special contacts as time goes on.

Here's a Holga Gem for My Blogger Friends:


  1. Love the mood of this shot! Well done!

    I have always wanted a Holga... maybe one day. They are hard to come by here in SA.

  2. Yes, and a great photo that you did with it, congratulations!

  3. Interesting. There are so many Holga/Lomo people around that I've never considered the general availability. Well if its not too expensive to ship I could easily get one to you. They use 120 film though.

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