Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Experimental Methods, Whole Roll: Single Subject Part II

Of course there are a number of ways to consider Whole Roll, Single Subject. My previous discussion described making a photo mosaic of sorts., and by far that it my favorite approach. But I have tried an alternate method:, as demonstrated to the left: 30 Minutes in the Life of a Goldfish literally is 30 minutes of photographing my fish tank (about 1 shot per minute). This required two rolls of 120 film shot in my Mamiya 645. The second roll was preloaded and ready to switch out in seconds.

The finished image was printed on 11X14 paper and selectively toned to highlight my largest goldfish, 'Big Tail'. A detail in shown below.

Camera: Mamiya 645
Lens: 80mm Normal Lens
Film: Ilford ISO 400
Always use a tripod!

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