Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Old Fall River Road, RMNP


The Old Fall River Road was the original route to the top of Rocky Mountain National Park.  Now replaced by the paved, Trail Ridge Road, both roads are open to the public May-October. 

As the name implies, there is a Fall River.  I've passed by here a few times, but only last Fall was actually inspired to pause and do some serious work. 

This is a one shot deal, no bracketing, just finishing the last frame on my roll: f/8 @ 1/15 sec. Green filter for foliage, which you will see better demonstrated in later photos.  Although you can pick out the texture in the moss here.


  1. I love the way the water has been rendered in this shot. Great detail with the medium format.

  2. That is why I've committed myself to medium format for everything but my urban photography.

    I carry the Mamiya 6X6 rangefinder when I need to travel light. It only has two lenses, whereas I have 4 lenses, three changeable backs and lots of film inserts for the Mamiya 645.