Sunday, February 7, 2010

Back to Basics: Bracketing

I always bracket my B&W.  One day I was clicking away in my front year photographing flowers and my neighbor across the street (also a photographer) said "bracketing aren't you!".  I guess it just sounded and looked like I was.

So here are four exposures again from the Fall River. With some adjustments any of them might print OK.  But which one do you prefer and why?

All taken @ f/8:

1/30 sec.
Probably too dark

1/15 sec
Getting better

1/8 sec 

1/4 sec

For the fans of silky water the last exposure might not be long enough.  Not a fan of silk, I would choose exp #3 as the best compromise, or try printing exp#2 and do some dodging to bring out the detail in the mossy rocks. 

Which would you print? 

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  1. ...or try double exposures (2 over 4). A lot of work, but work=fun.