Monday, February 1, 2010

Long Way Home: The Return of Night Moves!

Yes, Night Moves Have Returned!

And I share with you my 1 hour commute home along Wadsworth Boulevard.

And before you comment on driving while photographing.........Notice I have left a safe distance between myself and the other cars.  Also I don't focus, I just set the camera on infinity and auto-exposure (with my 3200 film), set the camera on the dash board, take the shot, and hope for the best. 
This is the best of 5 exposures.


  1. Nice, very nice! (I never had a driving accident while taking pictures - I had dozens while nòt taking photos!)

  2. My only two car accidents involved other people hitting my car. But my husband was very upset by the idea that I was driving and doing photography. Much safer than texting on the cell phone, which is now illegal here.

  3. I love your "Night Moves" series, the mood is just fantastic!

    I nearly drove off the road one time trying to get a shot and my wife gave me what for, and rightly so. Never tried that again, now I always pull over and get out. Now the kids complain... oh well, can't please everyone!

    Keep them coming Kathleen!

  4. In spite of the 'danger' I will have to try another driving home series, because it is already staying brighter in the evenings, so I can catch a twilight version for comparison.