Friday, September 18, 2009

Why Cross Process?

I was first introduced to Cross Processing about three years ago. It is a technique popular with the Plastic Camera crowd, and for a complete explanation visit the Square Frog. His page is an excellent resource for all things film and plastic camera related.

Cross Processing (XPro) in simplest terms means processing your film in chemicals not normally used for that film type. Usually advocates of the method process C-41 as E-6 or vice versa. But you can also process any type of color film in B&W chemicals as shown above. This may be especially fun and interesting if you have some expired color film lying around. I had not thought to step this far outside of the box until one of the blogs that I follow, Ruthless Photography, demonstrated the possibilities.

On the advice of a friend I purchased some E-6 film that I truly hate after trying it! I've decided to salvage my investment by experimenting with various forms of cross processing; probably color to B&W.

Subject: Breckenridge, Colorado
Film: Fuji Astia 100 (the film I love to hate!)

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