Friday, September 11, 2009

I Remember

I remember my first, last, and only visit to the World Trade Center in the Summer of 1987. I awoke that fateful September Morning in 2001 to news that I could not believe.

New York City was my de facto second home. My mother grew up there as the child of Barbadan immigrants in an Italian-Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn. We visited family there every other summer, alternating NY with our traditional cross country road trip vacation so typical of the sixties and seventies.

I was the only child at my inner city school in Cincinnati that ever went to NYC (my teachers verified this with my parents because the other kids thought I was lying!).

I never cared much for the modern architecture of WTC. But after my visit, I changed my mind about it.


Camera: Minolta X-700 with Rokker Normal Lens
Film: ENC-II


  1. Amazing picture, thanks for sharing that today.

  2. beautiful shot of our ugly, ill fated monument to capitalism

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  4. I changed my mind about my earlier post......So here is a revision.......

    All skyscrapers of this height are in fact ego trips......because it is not economical to build or maintain anything above 80 stories.

    But in spite of that I think they should be rebuilt on the spot with a similar design (but with better technology) to prove a point. Because what they have decided to do there thus far is really not fitting. Rebuild or create a park as a memorial..........

  5. Rebuilt would be the best idea. I would like to see there again two towers, better and taller. This would remind our enemies that we are still strong alive and well.

  6. Great picture also that you did here, I forgot to mention that on my other comment.