Friday, May 2, 2014

Doors Open Denver: Mountain State Bell #3

Old Board Room.
The executive suite was preserved with some of the offices now a museum.

Below:, Fireplace Detail:

 Room with A View:


  1. I've been enjoying your Bell photos and lamenting the fall (Judge Green's stupid deciscion) of the US Telephone industry. The photos are a reflection of the power house the Bell system used to be. They had wonderful buildings and dependable systems, took car of their employees, and made equipment that did not pick up every stray radio signal as interference. Neat that the old buildings are being preserved.

  2. I also have some doubts about the benefit of breaking up Bell. For one thing we lost the Bell Research Labs. And we see that the monopolies are reforming before our eyes.

    The employees that now run the museum really did like working their. One of them had been with the original Mountain State Bell. Century Link seems to have a better reputation locally than Quest (which they bought).