Monday, May 5, 2014

Doors Open Denver: Last Stop at the Courhouse

But we couldn't go in because they refused to hand search my bag.  Didn't want me high speed film x-rayed to death.  So I just took a photo of the building across the street.


  1. Next time, let them X-ray your film, I have a lot of experience with that and it never harmed my films!

  2. Problem was that I had 3200 and 800 ISO film in my bag. Also B&W film is much more sensitive to X-rays. Can't x-ray anything over ISO400, and even that can be a risk.

  3. Jeroen (above) is a professional photographer ànd fotonic who works on and with B&W - he does know his stuff, Kath.

  4. But now you don't have any pictures inside the building. In my experience even the 3200 iso film can be X-raided once or twice. And besides that, a little bit of fog is easily dealt with during post processing your negatives.

  5. One clarification, since 911, here in the USA photography inside public buildings can be very restricted. And inside courthouses (especially a Federal Court) strictly forbidden. So I nwould hae been putting my film at risk, without being allowed to make any photographs.

    One of the employees told us how his cell phone was confiscated because he took a picture of himself without thinking. More than a week to get his phone back.

    Tt's the world that we live in.