Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturdays On-line: The Minotla Autocord

Here is a camera that I had not heard of, the Minolta Autocord, a 1950's-60's TLR described her by one of our Blogger Friends Agust Olafsson.

Lots of nice photos of the camera on Camera-wiki, but not reproduced here because they are under copyright.  So I'll just post a self-protrait from last year featuring my (inherited from father-in-law) Rollei TLR:

I'll have to look into this. As a Minolta Collector I may need to acquire an Autocord.


  1. That is a new one to me too. Your Rollei looks like a very nice camera. The photographer looks fine too.

  2. The Rollei is the perfect portrait camera. Although as Agust's blog shows, you can do landscape quite well with a TLR camera. I'll be on the lookout for an Autocord, but righ now I'm closing in on my hunt for a Mamiya 6x7.