Sunday, October 6, 2013

Denver in the Dark Workshop.......On My Soap Box!

For the rest of this week posting 'Denver in the Dark' workshop photos.  We actually experienced quite a bit of security guard harassment.  Now really, if I were a terrorist would I come out at night, with a gang of people,  set up a tripod, and take my time composing the images?

Certainly Not! I'd get one of those new (almost more camera than smart phone) gadgets and take all the photos I wanted during regular daylight hours.  Besides which it is not illegal to stand on the sidewalk and take photos.  So take that idiots at an un-named bank in downtown Denver.  Because by the time you came out I was already done (and so was the rest of the class).

And never mind that you are already in Google Street View......It's the tallest building in Denver, prominent in any skyline view you may have seen, like these.

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  1. Ha! I had the same trouble in Italy: thousends of tourist taking digitals, and the carabinieri reacting very agressively on my 1951 Contina. So stupid!