Thursday, June 21, 2012

Velvia 50 vs. E100VS: I've got the Blues

Let's check the Blue Hydrangeas:

Velvia 50


Comments:  We have a couple of problems here that allow me to state right away that Velvia 50 wins this color.  First, the background was the yellow exterior of my house.  Which one appears yellow to you?  Also if you know Hydrangeas, you would pick Velvia 50 as the truer color.  There was obviously some source of reddish light just outside our visible human range that the E100VS is picking up.  I like that color, but I know that it is not the correct color.  Remember, some films can "see" outside our human eye's visible range.  This will affect the color balance.


  1. Same light? Almost looks like the light is warmer in the second photo. I agree Velvia 50 renders more accurate color on this one.

  2. The color difference is due to E100VS which enhances reds and is picking up the color from the stained deck.

    Film doesn't always see what we see, and can be designed to see parts of the spectrum we can't see. E100VS is able to pick up the red and blues ends of the light spectrum just beyond what is visible for us. That yields the VS = Vivid Saturation effect.

    Also the same logic behind Infrared Film.