Sunday, June 17, 2012

Velvia 50 vs. E100 VS: The Results

This test highlights April let's jump in!

Conditions:  Mamiya 645 with changeable backs.  Each film has it's own back with proper ISO setting: each image taken from the same position, same lighting conditions, by changing the back while the camera was on the tripod.  Photos are not retouched; so have been cropped.

Lens: Mamiya Sekor f/4 80mm with Macro. 

WHY?  I never was satisfied with Velvia 100 and I am still looking for a replacement for E100GX; Everyone told me I'd love Velvia 50:

Velvia 50


I'd say these are pretty close, with the Velvia a bit more orange; E100VS known for sometimes unreal reds seems OK...... So it's a tie here!  I'd be happy with either color.

To See E100GX Reds CLICK HERE:

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