Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Darkroom: Painting

 Many people mistakenly believe that the walls of a darkroom must be black.  My friend in Boulder, whom I call 'Photo Guy' had yellow walls and I asked him about that.  Apparently as long as it is not white, you're OK.


  1. Really, as long as the walls are non-reflective. My college darkroom did have white walls and ceiling, but it was light tight and the paint was a dull finish.

    I worked in many dark rooms that were not painted black. In fact I only ever saw one black one.

    Good ventilation is more important than the color of the paint.

  2. Things are looking good! Hope you enjoy it. Also, just to let you know, I am awaiting the arrival of my Rokkor 70-210 f4!! I have heard nothing but good about this lens and was able to pick it up for $30.

  3. Silvertooth, that was a great find. I actually just bought a Tamron 70-210 for my Minoltas. Did some street photography in Denver and loved it. Just one of the seven rolls of film I need to scan so I can post it. I'm working on scanning today.

    And yes Bill M, the ventilation IS most important.......