Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Velvia 50 vs. E100VS: More on Brown

Let's look at some Cedar lumber we used to build planter boxes:

Velvia 50:  A bit too golden

E100VS:  Just a little too magenta

Comments:  Looking at the Cedar now and allowing for a month's worth of fading by the sun, I'd say that reality is in the middle.  E100VS always brightens any red highlights in the image,  so the Cedar is a bit more red/magenta than reality.  But the Velvia 50 is too golden.  So this is an aesthetic choice, since neither is the true color, but both look OK.


  1. Really not too surprising considering it is Fuji film. Fuji never made a true-to-life color film whether negative or transparency film. At least with negatives one can fudge the enlarger settings and hopefully avoid color fault and get close to good color. However, with Kodak making bad decisions for the past 25 or so years we all may be forced to Fuji films.

  2. Truer words were never written. Kodak killed its best transparency film (E100GX) a couple of years ago and its all been downhill. Now they've killed E100VS, which I am using in this comparison.

    And regarding Kodachrome, we have beautiful kodachrome from my father in law: Post War Japan. 1950 and still fabulous.!

    Now with hard evidence that film use has stabilized and is even rising in some markets. I'll findthe link to that article an post it soon.

  3. There are some from that era posted on Shorpy and they are superb. I also miss E100GX. It was a great all around film.