Saturday, July 6, 2019

Hail Garden Carnage Report

I've been reporting on our garden harvests.......Last night we were hit by pea to golf ball sized hail.  Unlike last year no major damage to the house. 

First the Poppies: The White Prickly Poppies are blooming now;  the Red Flanders Poppies are just about done.  Some broken branches though.

Next the Tomatoes:  some damage, but they will recover.

A few broken branches, but mostly lost leaves.

The Collard greens were largely OK.  This one leaf shows the worst damage.

My larger Daturas are starting to bloom.  Luckily not too many open blossoms yesterday.  
The buds were OK.  Smaller plants in the back yard will recover.

Hopefully my Poblano Pepper (below) will recover.......

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