Monday, July 22, 2019

My "Best" SolarCan

I had given up on the SolarCan after two less that great experiences.  When I contacted them I was told that some of the early versions had defective pinholes.  They sent me one replacement SolarCan.  I haven't deployed it yet.  But after this results, I will give it a try when the Equinox rolls around.

So this is my "Best" Result.  It captured both Solstices from my back yard.  I had basically left it there for 18 months and given up.  But the recent Hail storms tore it off the fence.  So I brought it in to see what I had:

Below the Raw image without inversion or contrast adjustments:

I have one more SolarCan in my mother in laws backyard to take down.  I'll compare the two and decide where to place my last SolarCan.

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