Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Catch-Up Part IV #filmjune

Summary of #filmjune Days 21-25:  Remember you can follow this on Twitter #filmjune

Q21. What are you go to Film developing chemicals?
It used to be D76, but mixing the powder and getting it to fully dissolve was problematic. So we've switched to all liquid developers with Clayton F76 No. 1 in our darkroom and Ilfotec DD-X our next choice. We also use Ilford Rapid Fixer.

Q22. How do you store your film for a day out photographing?
I keep the film in the box (120 size) and put the box in my pack.  If I'm wearing my photo vest, I'll keep a roll or two in a pocket for quick access:

If I'm on the road I'll wrap the boxes in ziplocs and keep them in the cooler.

Q23.  Do you own a fantastic camera that no one hypes about?
My favorite go to 35mm that never gets any love is the Minolta X-700.  When I started photography to document my geological work, my parents could only afford one of the SRT-Series cameras.  They were marked down because the X-700 was about to debut.  So I started with Minolta and when I was ready for a new camera, saw no reason to change brands so I bought an X-700.  I now own three!  It was my stalwart reliable field geology field camera since the late 1980's.  Minolta lenses also don't get the credit due them.

Cerro Totuma, Panama.  Another place I did geological work.

Me being a Geologist on Reunion Island, Indian Ocean.

Q24. Which current photographer do you admire most and why?
I'm going to give you two:  Clyde Butcher, because I love his capture of the Florida Landscape and his recent book Inspired by Dali; Also John Sexton, because he's continuing the Monterey B&W Tradition and I love his Book, Places of Power.  Steps out of landscape mode.

Q25. Have you built or made any accessories for your camera?  Easy answer, NO!

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