Friday, June 22, 2018

Catch-up Part 4 #filmjune

16.  Have you experimented with any new formats?  Yes, I'm in the middle of testing 6X9 in my Mercury universal Camera:

17. Share a picture of your favorite camera (and yourself if you dare)?  Not a Problem:

18. What is the largest Format you have used?  I've experimented with 4X5 pinhole paper negatives.  I have an Ilford 4X5 Obscura Pinhole that I plan on experimenting with soon.....

19. What is the most creative process that you have done with film?  My Uelsmann Assignment at MPC:

20. My top three social media photography accounts followed all via Twitter:
Here are my top three photography accounts: @EMULSIVEfilm @HamishGill (35 mmc) and @Phoblographer   I'm also going to add a shout out to three photographers I communicate most often with: @donkittle @Givemeabiscuit and @cpindell1

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