Friday, May 19, 2017

M7 Panoramic Insert vs. the Horizon Perfekt

Now for the show down, which really isn't much of a contest.  The Horizon Perfekt is a swing lens panoramic camera:

All of these images were taken from the same tripod position.  The first thing you notice is the much wider field of view for the Horizon, notice my fingers got in the way (lower left):

Horizon Perfekt (above) and Mamiya 7 35mm (below):

Of course the wider field of view adds more distortion, especially if the camera i
s not perfectly leveled.

Again Horizon (above) and Mamiya (below).

Last set, showing the Flatirons:

Horizon (above) and Mamiya (below) which we saw on the first posting.

So that's my panoramic comparison.  I promise better exposures next time you see the Horizon Perfekt.  I'll just have to pull out the spot meter and use ISO 100 film for the very bright sun around here.  I have one more comparison to the Horizon to make.  Coming Soon!

Also posted as Week #18 for the 52 Rolls Project.


  1. First Horizon photos I recall ever seeing although I have seen the cameras around. It is fun making panoramic photos no matter the method. I like the effects from the Horizon.

    I've always done my panoramas by cropping, using the 135 wide back on my 645, or stitching together images in the darkroom.

  2. I also usually do my panoramas by cropping or stitching together in Photoshop. Bought this camera for my husband after he 'found' the Kalimar Wide-X being thrown out by a retiring colleague. He rescued it, but it had some technical problems and was hard to us. I will however be taking it out to shoot again as part of my weird camera series.