Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Redux of the Mamiya 7 Panoramic Insert

We revisit the Mamiya 7 35 mm panoramic insert.  Results not so great this time.  Way over exposed and some strange phenomena that I show later.  But first, I did remember to photograph the insert:

First the parts, which makes it fairly impractical to reload in the field, because you have to partially assemble and load the film before mounting in the camera.  So after the results of this test, you probably won't see this used again.

Here with the film mask in place (above); and with the film loaded (below):

Now we are ready to close it up and go!

But mediocre results this time.  Way over exposed!  But the grain doesn't bother me.  However there were troublesome streaks possibly from a light leak.  The way the insert is deployed, the mask doesn't fit that well.  So who knows.  As I said not worth me really fighting with this since I have a 35 mm panorama camera.

Below, one of the best from this roll:

In our next episode we will look at side by side comparison shot with the Horizon Perfekt.

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