Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturdays Online: Experimental Cameras I Have Known........

Experimental Cameras include the expected offerings from Holga or Lomography.  But I'm also including unusual 'found cameras', any plastic camera and some odd little 35 mm cameras that have passed my way.  Click on the links to see example images from each camera type.

Okay, lets start with the obvious, Holga.  But there are many Holgas, and I have two types:  The standard Holga 120:

and the Holga Panorama Pinhole:

An Old School Plastic Camera, the Kodak Dualflex.  Taking a page out of the TLR family.  I had read about someone finding their grandmother's camera (with film) in a closet and developing it to find a whole new perspective on their grand mother as a young woman.  Great romantic Story, but the results of my experiments were lacking.  Seems like I never posted anything from this camera.  I'll take another look through my files.

The Kalimar Wide-X, a found camera.  Literally found in the trash.  The focussing lens had a crack, and the camera was very hard to load properly:

But it still yielded some results that were good enough to lead us to buy it's modern cousin the Lomo Horizon Swing Lens Panorama.

The Kodak Pocket Camera:

I bought this when I lived in New Orleans (Pre-Katrina).  I was afraid to walk around with a 'nice camera' and this slips neatly into the pocket.  Takes decent photos for a plastic lens camera.

And A silly little "Mini Diana" that shoot 110 ( a format I've never tried before).  It came as a bonus gift when I bought the Horizon.  So what the heck.....I'm testing it now.

The film cartridge actually forms the camera back.  
Sounds like a recipe for light leaks.

Cameras that I own as novelties but have yet to use:

Zero Image Pinhole:

This camera was part of the 3-D printing trend.  We'll try to focus on using it for Pinhole Day 2017.  And the same is true of the Ilford Camera Obscura (below).  Of course there is no reason to wait for Pinhole Day.  So we will try to use it sooner.  It is 4X5 format, probably why I haven't tried it yet.

In future weeks, We'll take a look at some Experimental Methods I have known.

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