Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Little More Lomo……..

I was inspired by Natalie’s Sycamore leaf to photograph my own maple tree, but with a twist. Rather than copy her macro technique, I decided to use my Lomo Fisheye. Well, my maple leaves proved not to be so photogenic, but I ended up with some interesting shots. And you can see how well this ISO 800 film performs.

Camera: Lomo Fisheye
Film: Fuji Superia ISO 800

I need to learn to keep my feet out of the frame, but with a rangefinder that can be tricky!


  1. Your post for today is most interesting. I never owned a fish eye lens and wondered what they are used for?

    Yes, I have traveled and give lectures but at my age now and that I use oxygen, it is hard to go much of anywhere. Thanks for asking. Maybe I will do something on television again.

  2. Please check in next week. I'll be posting about my experience with my 35 mm fisheye. Although I've always wanted one, once I had it, well I've used it twice maybe? I'm deliberately doing a series of fisheye pix over the next few weeks.

    I'm glad I found your site. It's beautiful. I grew up in Cincinnati and I miss my eastern song birds.