Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kalimar Wide-X Results

Nothing fancy. I did not want to take a photo of anything important because the camera might not have worked.  I do need to keep experimenting with it, and should try to track down a manual.  So here goes nothing:

I did have to add significant contrast to the images; since this camera does not allow for the use of contrast filters.  The originals are very low contrast.
 Note chair distortion; cameras was not level...............

Note that I feature prominently as a shadow.....I'll have to work on that.............

To refresh your memory of the Kalimar Wide-X.


  1. I'm not familiar with that camera, but as with some of my old ones I still use at times, if I need a filter I just hold it in front of the lens. Kind of hard with a hand-held camera until you get the hang of it.

    1. Since I do have to use a tripod with this camera anyway, I will try holding a filter in front of it.

  2. The Photophile added on 4/17:

    "Amazing looking camera, and the images you posted are great!

    These panoramic swing lens contraptions always look a little like they could have come from a 1950's alien space ship. Not sure why, but that's what always comes to my mind. But then my mind works in strange ways... and I watch too many old movies! :-)"

    Had to post this myself.......the new blogger dashboard lost it!

  3. The interior shot looks spooky!