Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturdays Online: No More TLR's

Now that Rollei is closing up shop, there will be no more TLR Cameras:

Some may ask why this matters, but we have experienced a striking loss of diversity in creative camera options.  Nowadays, everyone uses very similar cameras, with similar results.  A lot of "SAMENESS" going around.

Well, I've got mine, and if you are interested in exploring this camera type you'd better get yours soon.  Uses 120 film which is still readily available.  And I'm certainly keeping the Logo!


  1. I wish I was a multimillionaire. It's a shame to see greats like Kodak and Fuji closing shop. Then there are the even greater camera manufacturers closing. I think it may have all started when Minolta sold out to Sony. Digital is not better, just easier in a sense. I don't like paying thousands for a camera,, but I'd buy an all mechanical one for that; not a digital one that will quit in 5 to 10 years.

  2. You may be right, With Minolta being the first to go. A vastly under rated camera. I'm doubling up on my cameras against the time when I may need to cannabalize one to keep the other working. I have doubles on my Minoltas, and working on Double for my Mamiyas.