Saturday, March 7, 2015

Saturdays Online: Film Saved by the Under 35 Crowd.........

And also the plastic camera craze has helped!  More power to them, as PetPixel explains an Ilford Survey found that the Under 35 Crowd is going photo retro.  And Still More Power to them!

My Neighbor's Snow Couch

And speaking of Plastic cameras. I used to do quite a bit of Holga.  It introduced me to medium format and I've just kept going from there.  Mostly now I use my Holga Pinhole, but recently I've literally dusted off my Holga and started shooting again.

And films are being reborn everyday, e.g., at Film Ferrania.

Also Check Out Local Darkroom if you are looking for a place to do your own work.


  1. Good to know the younger crowd likes film too. I recently proved to my wife that film is superior to digital on a bird watching trip. I used my old Nikon F3 35mm and 200mm lens, a friend had a spanking new Canon T5i and some really nice lenses, and she had her Cannon compact G15. They had the bragging rights to seeing their photos immediately. When I got my prints back; there was no comparison. Film had better density, detail and color rendition of the same birds, same lighting, and location. I just had better equipment.

    Too bad the closest Local Darkroom location to me is about 3 hours away.

  2. Hi Bill,

    So you checked thee Local Darkroom link and that's the closest? You might check for updates from time to time, because Ilford is making a real effort to find these places.

    1. Yes, the closest is probably the easiest to get to in Vero Beach. The one showing at Four Corners would mean the long harrowing trip through Orlando.

      I forgot to note yeserday that I really love Ilford products. I've been using them since about 1974 and have never been disappointed.