Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturdays Online: Way to go Calumet! No class at all!

If you follow the photo/camera world you've heard of Calumet.  They were a premier camera and photo equipment supplier.  They filed bankruptcy this week and locked out their employees with no warning.  Also have orders for equipment that might not be filled, cameras in for repair with no notification to the owners as to what will happen, etc.......

Read more in this Interview with a now former employee.

In an Odd coincidence I had been on the Calumet website Monday looking for a used Mamiya 7 body (decided to have a back-up).

First there was no used equipment section available.  They used to have one, so that was strange.

Second, all of the new camera equipment required placing an order.  There was no on sight stock for anything!  Read the Employee's comments on that.  It was surreal......

But let's end on a good note with a photograph and Announcing the "Barn Project":


  1. Beautiful Barn.
    First I heard of Calumet closing their doors. Not good. They were huge and h_a_d a good reputation.
    I hate to see photographic suppliers close. Worst was Kodak quitting Kodachrome and all the rest of their base products. Well, as far as I know there is still the National Camera Exchange.

  2. Hadn't heard of the National Camera Exchange. I'll have to check it out..........

  3. The last time I purchased from Calumet (many, many years ago), the customer service was terrible. I started using B and H and experienced outstanding service. I try to buy what I can from Precision Camera in Austin, TX, but that is a four hour drive. It is always combined with a family visit to see some in-laws.
    I love the barn!

  4. Youknow, I neer actually bought anything from CAlumet. Sometime I would check their site. But I aways found better prices at B&H or Adorama. They used to be the experts in medium and large format.