Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday Online: Beautiful Cameras

Analog Cameras have a style and design that make them Beautiful!

We have made a recent addition to our camera family:

And step through the 'Unboxing' of the ONDU KickStarter Pinhole.

 Are you getting ready for World Wide Pinhole Day?  This year on April 27th.

And Check out these Beauties at : REFRAME


  1. That's the neatest looking pinhole camera I've ever seen! Love the Alpha in the link and at one time I had an F2 like that one. Traded it for a Bronica ETRS with a few lenses and several more accessories. The Contax will work circles around any Bronica.

  2. I think ONDU intends to continue as a business, so the cameras should be available once the "investor's" orders have been filled. They just got their start with "Kickstarter", which my husband is a fan of.