Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturdays On-line.....Kodak makes the Final Sellout

Still worth 2.8 billion someone. Read on at:

Final Tribute to Kodak  TMAX?

Negro Bill Canyon, Near Moab, Utah


  1. Very beautiful place.

    Too bad about Kodak. I have hated to see what has been happening with them over the past 2 decades. They are a perfect example of what happens when money only people take over a company.

    I hope their few pro films and papers as well as chemicals survive. I really do not like most of what Fuji sells.

  2. Ilford monochrome is still strong over here in the UK

  3. Kodak was definitely mismanaged into irrelevance..........They held most of the important digital photography patents, had a much better film product across the board, and still went under.

    I don't like Fuji Black and White, but can live with Provia for color.

    I like TMAX better than Ilford, but have continued to buy Ilford film because they have made a commitment to black and white photography. By the end of the summer my TAMX supply will be exhausted and I expect to only use Ilford Delta Pro.