Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Final Test!

So why am I going through all of this?  Because when I travel to places like Patagonia, I'll probably want to shoot color slide film.  When my favorite E100GX (which I used in Patagonia) was discontinued, my search began.

The Final Test is provided by my Deep Orange Oriental Poppies:

First Provia 100F:  Lookin' Good!

Next, Kodak E100VS: A bit over saturated, but that's what VS does!

And a Flash from the past,  2009 Kodak E100GX:  Still the Best!


  1. Surprising loss of detail with the E 100VS.

  2. I think you will notice a similar (but less pronounced) loss of detail in my first posting in the series of the roses. E100VS opts for the pop in color, sometimes at the expense of detail. I might be able to pull out more detail in photoshop, but it was my intent to show un-manipulated results.