Friday, September 21, 2012

Last Comment on Loss of Detail

Our Final E100VS vs Provia 100F: Note the Loss of Detail

Can you tell which is which? E100VS or Provia 100F?


  1. Thanks for the series of comparisons. I never shot much E100VS so I would never had noticed the lack of sharpness had it not been for your posts.

  2. I think I always knew there was something about E100VS that made it a less attractive film than E100GX. I think Kodak's big mistake was keeping the colder E100G and the less sharp E100VS, and getting rid of their best transparency film, E100GX.

    But then Kodak has made a lot of mistakes over the past decade that killed their film business, while Fuji with inferior films, kept going...............Until they hit on a winner with Provia 100F!