Sunday, September 9, 2012

Film Tests Continue............Fuji Provia 100 May be the Winner!

The CR 200 was so bad that I could not see the point in posting more comparisons.......But we may have found a replacement for E100VS/GX:

Fuji Provia 100 (above) is honestly truer to the natural color.  Yes, the E100VS pops more as the VS (vivid saturation) implies.  But for our comparison we really are looking for the more natural color.....


  1. I agree.

    I may shoot some myself in the near future. Color rendition looks great.

  2. More comparisons to come during the week......Provia is more expensive than Velvia. But I don't shoot that much color (except for travel).

  3. I think the Provia 100F is a winner! You'll see more as the week progresses.

    I am currently testing the Provia 400X. Then I think my color transparency film tests will be over.