Thursday, December 3, 2009

End of Year Updates: Bristlecones at Argentine Pass

For December I will be tying up some loose ends from the Summer.

I returned to Argentine Pass to photograph a grove of Bristlecone Pines. I had seen this one spectacular example in 2008, but it was late and the lighting was bad.......

So I returned this year looking for that particular tree. I'll talk more about that tomorrow.

First dusting of snow in early October visible on the peaks in the background.

All taken with the Mamiya 645 using the 45mm wide angle lens and Ilford Iso 400 film.


  1. These old trees almost have character, many would say they do. We had our second frost of the season last night.

  2. When we were in California I had a chance to visit the Oldest Bristlecones in the White Mountains. Then we found out that there were other locations in the Great Basin and Rocky Mountains. We Drove out to the new Great Basins National Park where there is an isolated range hosting the Trees and a wonderful cavern system. Let me dig up those Great Basin Pix to share.

    To continue, upon moving here we decided to hunt for the local Bristlecones. They grow faster here, and therefore do not live as long, averaging only 3500 years, where as the California ones can exceed 10,0000 years of age.

    Gotta Love there Trees. I just want them to survive!