Sunday, October 25, 2009

Faith on Film: Mountain Cathedrals

A final view of Fall in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains.

When I think of Mountain Cathedrals I have to say that the Sierra Nevadas are a near perfect representation: the beauty of Nature, the Pain of Manzanar, the Water stolen by Los Angeles.

And so we leave Fall here; visit a few more English Churches, and return to the Mission Series by Advent.


  1. Stunning photo. But did you really post this today at 7 am?

  2. OK, I usually organize my posts a day or so ahead of time. Once I like what I have, I set it to post, often at 7:00 AM. That way it is there for me to re-check once I'm up and going in the morning. I've found that the Preview does not show the true formatting, so I often have to make changes.

  3. Amazing photographic work, congratulations!