Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Celebrating New Blogger Friends and Followers!

And that means it is time for another Holga Pix.... This one from Old Ft Ord, California.

I could call it 'life amongst the ruins'. When military bases are closed here, the land is turned over to public use. So they built a new University, Calstate Monterey Bay, where I taught for awhile. there was lots of almost new housing on base, so this was turned over to the University to manage. Cost of living being what it is in California (meaning totally outrageous) these old military offficer's quarters were used as subsidized housing for University employees and government employees (state, local, and federal).

As underpaid government employees we lived for the first time ever in what could be called 'public housing'. Typical housing shown below in a not so typical way.


  1. "I like the houses on top of the houses. Great Job!"

  2. I was very lucky with that one. I stayed in the same position and turned the camera upside down. One of the advantages of the Holga.....very simple.