Thursday, July 16, 2009

Man On The Moon

No Pix today, just a remembrance.......and links to great Moon Mission Photos.

July 16, 1969. I was nine years old and totally absorbed in the Space Program. The beginnings of my life as a scientist......And Buckeye Proud. Not only had the first American to orbit the Earth been from Ohio, John Glenn, but now the first man on the Moon would be also from Ohio, Neil Armstrong.

So leave it to NASA to destroy the High Resolution video of this historic moment. Why? How? Because they needed more magnetic tapes for data and decided to recycle their Tape Archives without examining what was on ANY of the tapes first......Fortunately a restoration is undeway based upon a worldwide search for the best network video archives. Some preliminary video was released today for the launch anniversary. You can view it at the 'Bad Astronomy Blog'

Because sometimes digital data doesn't rot, it just gets deleted or erased by idiots........

Also, view NASA Apollo 11 Photos at the New York Times taken with a Hasselblad, the still camera chosen for the Moon Mission (the Astronauts took one to the moon with them).

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