Thursday, May 3, 2018

The North American Fur Trade

The North American Fur Trade was fueled by the Top Hat, originally made from Beaver Fur.  Beavers were already near extinction in western Europe by this time.  And in North America the Beaver was driven almost to extinction.  Saved only by the silk trade, replacing fur with silk in Top Hat manufacture.  You can find a list of Colorado Trading Forts here.

Exterior (above) and interior of the Turret.

This was our First visit to Fort Lupton, and upon reflection, it seemed like B&W would be more appropriate.  So on our Second visit we shot T-Max 400.  I need to scan those.  So we'll take a look at those next week.

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  1. Very unusual, a round house in a fort. I've enjoyed your series on the fort. I agree with B & W. I think when shooting old things B & W or sepia toned is much more dramatic. More fitting of and for the period when on B & W was available and mostly on glass plates.