Thursday, May 10, 2018

Moab Infrared Tree Studies I

I've been experimenting with Infrared Film here for a while.  Recently I decided to take the leap and have a Nikon-1 converted to full spectrum (so I could do some other experiments) and using  an IR filter, play with B&W infrared as well.

Vegetation being the most dramatic, I did some experimenting during our Moab Symposium workshops.

Driving down Long Canyon, we saw this Cottonwood in the distance and spent some time with it.


  1. Remember the song When the Snow is on the Roses?
    The photos are when the snow is on the desert.

    Nice work with IR.

    Looks like the clouds selectively snowed on the tree and plants.

  2. Thanks,

    Much easier than trying to calibrate the film.