Saturday, July 1, 2017

Wrapping up at Cooper Smith's

Of course a "Cooper" is someone who made barrels, which includes beer kegs.

We wrapped up our walking tour of Ft Collins here.  Below, the requisite copper 'tun' for good luck:

Since you can't tell from the photo that it is copper, you'll have to take my word for it.

And a unique bike rack.....

As I look back through the blog I found that I had never posted our tour of the Coors Brewery.  Now I know that it's not a craft brewery.  But one thing we learned on the tour is, that it's really hard to make uniform bland beer at multiple locations.  So they really are master brewers, just going in a different direction than most of us prefer.......actually, their pre-prohibition beer recipe was quite good!

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  1. I love the bike rack. It would fit right in here in K-zoo. We have a few craft breweries here and throughout the state. I really enjoyed your tour of the breweries. If you ever get to Pottsville, PA you need to take a trip up Mahantongo Street and visit the Yeungling Brewery.