Monday, April 10, 2017

Panorama Comparison #1 & 52 Rolls Week #13

I'm going to be posting side-by-side comparisons for several options that I have for shooting Panoramas.  You've seen some of these cameras before and others will be new options for familiar camera friends.

Today a new Option.  I will be doing another series, because I had different films in these cameras and I want to do a true direct comparison with the same films and exposures, etc.

But we will start with a new option for an Old Friend:  The Mamiya 7 with a 35 mm Panorama insert and the Horizon Perfekt swing lens Panorama camera.  I had forgotten that I had color film in the Horizon.  But the main thing to notice in the comparison is that the horizon has a much wider field of view,  and that was what I wanted to learn from this experiment.

Above (Mamiya 7 35mm) and Below (Horizon).  Reservoir at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal.

Second view of the reservoir, panning north from the same position.

The Indian Peaks from Lake Waneka.

I assume that the streaking is an artifact of developing.  What do you think?

And the NOAA Satellite Communication Dishes.

Some interesting results. As I said we'll do a Redo for a more direct comparison.  I've posted the B&W images as Week #13 of the 52 Rolls Project.  I will post the color photos for Week #14.

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  1. I'm almost wondering if the streaking is from the camera. We should check our other rolls from the horizon and confirm that the streaks don't show up there.