Friday, September 16, 2016

52 Rolls Week #33 Updates

Some experiments based on suggestions from 52 Rolls posted comments.

First lets revisit Portra 160 with warming filter:

The suggestion was to adjust the White balance and reduce the 'warming'.  Now I typically use warming filters with chrome films, which tend to be very blue.  Example below, same scene, Velvia 50 with warming filter:

Now lets look at Portra 160 with White Balance adjusted (in Photoshop Levels):

And Portra 160 with both the White Balance and Black adjusted (in Photoshop Levels):

This one is getting closer to the natural color, but still a bit off.  One viewer commented that your film choice is a reflection of your interpretation of reality.  I like that!  So I'll stick with the Chrome version of reality.

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